The Power of Letting Go – (MP3 audio series)

One of the Most Mentally and Emotionally Invigorating, Result Producing Experiences You’ll Ever Have. In this program, Jim Britt will lead you on a powerful journey of self-discovery and personal change that will touch every area of your life. You’ll learn how simple it can be to erase non-productive programming, let go of the blocks that restrict your success and happiness, feel calm and in control in any situation, and break free of self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. You’ll receive answers for making your career more successful, your relationships more fulfilling, your family life more harmonious, your financial status more abundant, and much more! In this amazing program, you’ll learn how to break free of the pendulum of negativity and hold true to your hopes dreams.

The reality is that most spend about 90% of their time and energy dealing with non-productive feelings and emotions.

We are all naturally successful, happy individuals whether we realize it or not. We also all have outdated unconscious programs and beliefs that act as anchors then actively block our ability to tap into our true potential and experience the life we deserve. The non-supportive underlying programs locked away in our subconscious programs are the blocks that stand between us and living the life we want. This course will show you how to locate your specific blocks as they arise and how to eliminate them with ease, on the spot, in any situation. Once you’ve experienced this program, you’ll learn how to quickly stop your “failure mechanism” before it’s activated. You’ll learn how to let go of unwanted feelings and emotions before they can interfere with your success and happiness.


A Letter from a recent user of The Power of Letting Go

“Completely lost, I gave up. I got into my car and began to drive with no destination in mind. All I wanted to do was to escape my pain. On the seat next to me were your two CD programs, The Power of Letting Go, which I had purchased a couple of weeks earlier and never started listening. I decided to insert one into the CD player. I remember thinking, “I’m sure this won’t really help and why did I spend the money for them in the first place?”

As I finished listening to the first CD I felt something shift inside. I can’t really explain it, but I felt changed. As I listened to each one in the first series of eight I have to tell you it made a profound difference. I cannot believe how my thinking changed. I actually felt happy for the first time in years!

I started to view my problems from a whole different perspective. In fact, I started to laugh at what I had been doing to myself for so long.

I just finished all 16 CD’s. WOW! What an experience. My life has changed forever! I don’t feel tense or stressed out anymore. I actually love myself. It is just amazing what some simple changes in the way I look at life have done. I am actually enjoying my life and what I have right here, right now.

I know it sounds strange but I almost feel that I am no longer here on earth. I feel like I had been transformed through some kind of time warp into another place and time. I feel totally connected to life in every way. Nothing on the outside matters anymore…no problems, no stress and no games to play. Everything is just natural and beautiful. It’s really hard to put into words the type of connection I feel as a result of listening to your program. Perhaps you’ve been to a place like that before.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! You have literally saved my life! I plan to tell everyone I know about what I’ve discovered…and about your work!”

Molly P—Seattle

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