The Power of Letting Go

If you’re ready to finally leave behind the beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and emotions that have kept you feeling tired, sad, Stuck, angry, broke, resentful, or LONGING for something you think you can’t have… Then this will be the most important program you’ll ever experience. You’ll learn how to break free of the past, resolve conflict, reduce tension and stress, eliminate self-sabotage, overcome fear, and how to discover your financial genius. You’ll discover how to remove the blocks that stop your success in every area of life.

The Power of Letting Go Experience

The experiential component of The Power of Letting Go program, uses “Brainwave Technology” and a soothing background music ambiance of “Inner Peace Music,” both designed to put your brain into a relaxed, receptive, alpha state. These soothing soundtracks combined with Jim’s guidance opens you up to experience the letting go process on a very deep and profound level in all areas of your life.

Overcoming Stress & Anxiety

Stress is a silent killer. it can kill your creativity, your stamina, your relationships, your career…and left unchecked it can kill you! Stress is a state of tension that is internally generated from self-imposed demands, obligations and self-criticism.

In Part I of this powerful stress relieving program you’ll learn the many causes of stress and how to deal with them. In Part II you’ll be guided through, with relaxing music, a letting go process that relaxes and relieves daily stressors allowing you to see things from its proper perspective.

Cracking the network marketing code

With over 40 years of experience, Jim Britt reveals his strategies for increasing your effectiveness. Jim has trained hundreds of thousands of network marketers with stellar results. He is credited with creating dozens of millionaires and thousands of top producers. He’s been a consultant and or trainer to more than 300 networking companies, presented with the best of the best award out of the top 100 contributors of all time to the MLM industry. Jim has built very successful distributorships. This 26 audio series contains zero fluff and is a fresh dynamic approach offers powerful ideas, insights, and strategies.