About Rings Of Truth – ebook

Rings of Truth is a novel based on a true story, about Jim Britt’s journey to find truth, happiness and himself. It is literally packed with true-to-life lessons, principles, and examples that are truly nourishing and enlightening to the reader.

Much of the wisdom contained in the book has grown out of author Jim Britt’s Power of Letting Go workshops, which lead participants through a process of “letting go” of non-supportive feelings, beliefs and emotions while “letting in” more love joy and happiness. The main character in the book, who is Jim, portrayed by Matt, after having achieved great Success, begins to face many challenges causing him to ask deeply felt questions about truth, self-love, forgiveness and his life purpose. His quest takes him from the red rocks of Sedona to the majestic waterfalls of Kauai, and ultimately, to a powerful discovery that will change his life forever.

Through some beautiful and mysterious circumstances, enlightenment and awakening begin for Matt, as the reader shares and experiences that process with him throughout the book. Some of the lessons include Surrender, Live each Moment, Self-Observation, Intimacy, Accept Miracles, Balance and Harmony, and so much more. The story is guaranteed to invigorate your mind, open your heart and touch your soul.


“I just received my copy of Rings of Truth from Jim, Saturday and I’m ¾ of the way through it already. It’s a book you don’t want to put down. If you don’t have it yet you had better get a copy soon. It is the most powerful book I have read. The story is so beautiful and Jim’s teachings are so clear and easy to follow. This book will change your life. I urge you to read it soon.”

Tom G – Toronto Canada

“Rings of Truth just arrived and I haven’t been able to put it down. It is incredible! I’m almost finished with it and can’t wait to read it again. You’ve woven such a beautiful story in with your lessons. Yes, I cried several times. It was very powerful for me and was exactly what I needed to hear at this time. I’m wondering if others who read it are feeling the same way as if it was written just for them? I suspect that this is what is going to happen. Thank you for speaking your truth.”

Linda H – Detroit MI

“I have just finished reading “Rings of Truth”. I can truly say that this was the best, most impacting, most meaningful book that I ever read. I feel that it truly awakened me. We have purchased 6 books so far to give to friends as gifts. And we will continue to do this. Thank you so much. I pray that we can meet very soon in one of your workshops. You have touched my life.”

John T – Montreal Canada

“Your Rings of Truth is one of the best books I’ve ever read and I’ve probably read 2,000 metaphysical and personal development books! Please send me information on your other work.”

Susan S – Tucson AZ

“Mr. Britt, I assume you already know that angels come in many ways. I believe God has sent you to us in the form of one of those many angels. Thank you for your work on the planet.”

Barb B – Sacramento CA