Merrilee Sweeney | Talk show host, author, intuitive relationship expert

"Jim Britt has an awesome eye for talent. I feel very fortunate to be among such amazing people. Not only have I learned from their stories and experiences, but the opportunities I've gained from being part of Jim Britt's family continue to be a blessing. I'm proud to say I'm a co-author because Cracking the Rich Code proves to be about the people we meet and the relationships we keep. I am a coauthor in both vol 1 and 4." Thank you, Jim!

Angeline Wehmeyer | Entrepreneur, Investor, and International Speaker

"The book it's a great tool for me to speak on stage and build my credibility. It's a great lead magnet for me. I always carry some copies with me when I go to events. Thank you, Jim!"

Jeffrey Flack | Executive Coach and Founder Certified John Maxwell Speaker

"Jim, I just want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of the book and community of coauthors in Cracking the Rich Code. Not only have I developed new business as a direct result of being in the book, but it has been such an incredible co-branding tool as well. The credibility being on the cover with you, Foreword by the incredible Brian Tracy, and endorsed by no other than Tony Robbins! Wow! What a Credibility builder. The coauthors I have connected with in the series are nothing short of amazing! What a great group of people!

Thank you, Jim!"

Mark Yuzuik | Master Hypnosis Expert, Executive Coach and Seminar Speaker

"For over 25 years I have been working hard to promote my live seminar events I made great progress. I have my own book that has been out for several years, but nothing has gotten me the attention that being a coauthor in "Cracking the Rich Code" has given me. Everyone knows Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Jim Britt, but who is Mark Yuzuik???? Now they know me, as a #1 International best-selling author on the cover of a book with these gentlemen and endorsed by Tony Robbins! Amazing! The cobranding is enormous for me. I am getting offers for corporate events and other stages all over! You Rock, Jim Britt, for creating this. Thank you for this jump in my busines

Kevin T. Robertson | CEO

"Jim & Kevin, being associated with the "Cracking The Rich Code" brand has opened up so many doors and has expanded the reach of my speaker coaching business. It has reinforced my subject matter expertise and interview requests from the media have increased significantly.

Jim Britt, along with the foreword by Brian Tracy, and endorsement of thought leader like Tony Robbins, has allowed me to gain more market penetration because of the positive name brand association. After the book was published and hit #1 on the "Amazon International Best Sellers List" I felt an

immediate shift that added instant value. I have attracted more clients, added more credibility and another solid piece of social proof and part of a brand with staying power.

As a co-author of "Cracking the Rich Code" Vol 5, it has been nothing short of spectacular. It's absolutely true... one call from Jim Britt can literally change your life and take your brand to

unimaginable heights of achievement.

J.D. Wildflower | Celebrity Brand Builder & Global Business Growth Specialist

"Being part of the Cracking the Rich Code book series has been an amazing experience! In addition to being an author of a #1 international best-selling book, which has helped new clients find out about my celebrity branding services and online group coaching program creation bootcamp, I have also gotten the opportunity to connect with dozens of other co-authors from the book series. Plus, the business mentorship from Jim is priceless. His advice has helped me cultivate new business partnerships that have yielded fantastic opportunities."

Robin Bella | Speaker, Mentor, Coach

"I found it a rewarding experience to be part of the book, 'Cracking the Rich Code' with such eminent authors. It helps my work to be seen worldwide and also offers me credibility as I am known to more readers. I had a great experience working on this book with Jim Britt who guided the book publishing process too. I thank him greatly for the opportunity!"

Lisa McDonald | CEO Living Fearlessly with Lisa, Executive Coach

Jim -- I cannot thank you enough for bringing me into The Cracking the Rich Code fold -- and appearing as a formidable guest on my radio/podcast show twice now. I also cannot thank you enough or emphasize enough how my picture on the cover of book #2 in the series being with top professionals - continues to be an invaluable marketing tool for securing additional business clients, radio/podcast guests and to the degree that it further accentuated my already established credibility, integrity, exposure and incredibly unforeseen business opportunities that have continued to be a win-win for me and my business! I appreciate you, my friend!"

Janelle Garner | CEO and Founder Bliss Entertainment

"As one of the co-authors in Cracking the Rich Code, I would like to say that it has been an amazing experience for our company. Even though we haven't had the opportunity to tap into the full potential of Cracking the Rich Code it has definitely given us a lot of credibility for our company and what we are trying to accomplish. If you are given an opportunity to be involved, I strongly suggest that you don't hesitate to work with Jim Britt

Jim Rohn Legendary speaker and author

"Jim Britt has been a friend and business associate for over 30 years. His work as a success coach, trainer, and entrepreneur is remarkable. Work with Jim if you are interested in great success."

Tony Robbins | World's #1 speaker and success strategist

"Jim Britt's insights into the psychology of wealth will give you the focus, clarity, and purpose to refine your financial plan and make the right choices for your business, your finances, and your life.'

Mark Victor Hansen | Co-creator of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

"I've known Jim Britt since the mid 70's. He is a giant of a man and a giant thinker. If you ever get a chance to work with him do not hesitate. He delivers powerful, lasting, life-changing results."

Kevin Harrington | Star of the TV Show "Shark Tank"

“Success is predictable if you know what determines it. Jim Britt offers valuable insight and strategies that will challenge you to leap beyond your current comfort level and stand up and be heard."

Harv Eker | Author of #1 NYT best seller "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind"

"They say that 'success leaves clues. After reading one of Jim's books you'll know what those clues are and how to use them. You will want to keep it near you for quick reference. You will likely want to read it again and again on your way to success. My training staff still rave about Jim's presentation at one of my events years ago."

Les Brown | World's Leading Motivational Speaker

Because of the work that Jim Britt does and the methods and

techniques he uses to change your story and how you see yourself, it enabled me to build my career to make it against all odds.

Monthly Co-Author Comments

Thank you for offering this mastermind space and your legends sharing their spirit and wisdom, so much value and fun!” 

Frida Caroline Bruhn 

"Thank you for inviting me to collaborate with you 2 years ago. I really appreciate everything you are doing for us. I never imagined that I was going to experience anything like this. THANK YOU!" 

Lilia Ackerman 

"Thank you, Jim, for bringing us into the presence of such incredible beings!!!! You are a bright light, Jim." 

Shenal Arimilli 

"Thank you all. Great stuff as always. See you all next time. A great mastermind, indeed!" Karen Floyd 

"This has been a wonderful group to be part of.

Jim Diabold 

"Mark Victor Hansen was an amazing guest, and the collective wisdom of the group is phenomenal.

Ross Shott 

"Another fantastic mastermind! Mark was exceptionally charismatic, such a pleasure to hear from him. Shout out to Jim Britt for an amazing lineup of guest 

speakers!" Ashley Schaer 

"I really love that you are doing these Mastermind meetings. Very effective." Marsha Madigan, MD 

"Thanks for hosting such a powerful mastermind for us today. The community is fantastic and seeing our guest Ben Gay III was a special treat. I'm glad you guys connected and it's a privilege to be a part of the group. Again thanks!" Thomas Gay 

"Thank you everyone for this amazing mastermind session... Jim, Ben, Lukas... and my breakout peeps all amazing!" 

David Kincaid Coaching 

"Thank you Denis Waitley! Thank you, Jim, for the opportunity of a lifetime!

Pete Beskas 

"Thank you so much for hosting this mastermind, Jim! What a valuable way to spend my Fri morning!" Sandy Lamb 

"Wow Jim! This guy! Thank you!(Referring to Denis Waitley) 

Justin Holcomb 

"Tears welling up knowing the truth is being spoken. Such valuable insight about our children, our family, our time spent more meaningful.” 

Shenal Arimilli 

"Such eloquent unprepared responses. Denis Waitley, I am a new fan! It is in the Q&A that we really get to learn about the magnificence of someone YOU really LIVE it and not preach it. THANK YOU!” 

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas 

"Thank you so much! This mastermind session has been amazing! I look forward to connecting again and with you all next month!" 

Tara Killen 

"This Mastermind was a wonderful time investment. I loved it! Thank you, Jim, Denis, Lukas, and everyone!

Merrilee of Solana 

"Thank you Denis and Jim for this amazing Mastermind and the contribution to humanity with your deep insights and for being real servant leaders who give front to the heart of what matters.

Bonnie Kowaliuk