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Overcoming Stress & Anxiety – MP3 Series


Stress is a silent killer. it can kill your creativity, your stamina, your relationships, your career…and left unchecked it can kill you!

Stress is a state of tension that is created when a person responds to the demands and pressures that come from work, family and other external sources, as well as those that are internally generated from self-imposed demands, obligations, and self-criticism.

If you don’t let go of your stresses it can really add up over time until a state of crisis is reached and physical and emotional symptoms appear.

Stress is basically the “wear and tear” our bodies experience as we adjust to our continually changing environment;

It has physical and emotional effects and can lead to a multitude of physical and emotional problems if not handled properly.

In Part I of this power stress relieving program you’ll learn the many causes of stress and how to deal with them. In Part II you’ll be guided through, with relaxing music, a letting go process that relaxes and relieves daily stressors allowing you to see things from its proper perspective

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