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Let Go of the Blocks That Stop Your Success in Every Area of Life

The reality is that most people spend about 90% of their time and energy dealing with non-productive feelings and emotions like stress, anxiety, time pressure, money issues, depression, and just generally feeling out of control.

Reinvent a New You

You’ll discover through Jim Britt’s ground-breaking work, which focuses on the vital but often misunderstood issue of emotional healing, that you have total control. You’ll experience profound results that will touch, transform and enhance every area of your life.

Live Your Life at Level 10

If you’re ready to finally leave behind the beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, and emotions that have kept you feeling tired, sad, stuck, angry, broke, resentful, or longing for something you think you can’t have… then these will be the most important programs you ever invest in…

  • Live Life @ Level 10 membership
  • The Power of Letting Go
  • The Power of Letting Go-Experience
  • Cracking the Rich Code
  • Letting Go of Stress and Anxiety
  • Cracking the Network Marketing Code

Jim Britt is an internationally recognized leader and highly sought after speaker in the field of peak performance and personal empowerment training. He is the author of 13 best-selling books including, Cracking the Rich Code, Cracking the Life Code, Rings of Truth, The Power of Letting Go, Freedom, Unleashing Your Authentic Power, Do This. Get Rich-For Entrepreneurs, The Flaw in The Law of Attraction, The Law of Realization, and The Change book series, to name a few.
Jim has presented seminars throughout the world sharing his success principles and life-enhancing realizations with thousands of audiences, totaling over 1,500,000 people from all walks of life.
Jim has served as a success counselor to over 300 corporations worldwide. He was recently named as one of the world’s top 20 success coaches. He was voted Trainer of the year and received The Best of the Best Award out of the top 100 contributors of all time to the direct selling industry