Cracking the Network Marketing Code – MP3 Series


With over 40 years of experience, Jim Britt reveals his strategies for increasing your effectiveness. Jim has trained hundreds of thousands of network marketers with stellar results. He is credited with creating dozens of millionaires and tens of thousands of top producers. He’s been a consultant and or trainer to more than 300 networking companies as well as having been a very successful distributor. His fresh dynamic approach offers powerful ideas, insights, and strategies that will guide you and your associates toward achieving your most ambitious goals! Jim is Author of numerous books, including “Do This. Get Rich-For Network Marketers.”

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Master the areas of your business that separate the high achievers from everyone else.
  • Learn the same Six Daily Power Actions that Jim’s mentor gave him that took him from broke to a millionaire.
  • Expand your range of prospects past your friends and relatives to thousands.
  • Prospect without fear of rejection.
  • Take the fastest path to closing by knowing your prospects’ deepest desires.
  • Create a powerful alliance with any prospect at the very core of your new relationships.
  • Proven tactics to virtually turn the key on massive duplication and momentum.
  • Five steps to an effective presentation.
  • Simple tactics for prospecting the cold market that anyone can master quickly.
  • The biggest mistakes made by most network marketers and how to avoid them.
  • Bond your team to you and your opportunity like glue.
  • Become fearless! You will own the master’s mindset for life!
  • Watch your income double… triple… and even quadruple in just months by using Jim’s time-tested strategies!

Now You Can Unlock the Vault to Decades of Million-Dollar Experiences

I assume that you’re reading this because you share the dream of financial freedom. Maybe you’re brand new in the business, or you may have been in network marketing for several years. Either way, if you haven’t yet achieved the results you want, then Jim Britt would like a chance to help you.

Too many people never make the money that’s so, so possible in this business because they don’t know how to effectively work the business!

Jim knows what to do because he’s done it. And he’s put all his secrets into a program he created called Cracking the Network Marketing Code, pouring into it his 45 years of experience and millions of dollars earned.

This program contains 26 MP3 audios, over 20 hours of the best of the best.

Jim says, “If it is not contained in this program it doesn’t belong in network marketing.” If you do what he says in this program, you will hit your target earnings in network marketing. This is not a promise he makes lightly.

This program has zero fluff. It is power-packed with vital information that EVERY network marketer should know. It’s not some wild-eyed, pie-in-the-sky hyped up motivational program. In fact, it’s the opposite. The methods Jim is going to share with you is both proven and time-tested, not just with Jim, but with thousands of his students… many of whom have become millionaires.