My name is Jim Britt and I am pleased to be able to welcome you into my online home. I built this site to share my incredible life story with you while showing you how you too can achieve and even surpass your wildest dreams. Let me let you in on my secret: You are probably smarter than me and almost certainly have a more formal education than I have. Also, you may not be facing imminent financial ruin like I was. So why should you listen to anything I have to say? That’s a valid question. If you already have the kind of personal and financial wealth and freedom that you want then maybe you shouldn’t be here. But… if you’re seeking something more in life, be it happiness and/or a larger bank account, then you owe it to yourself to not only listen to what I have to offer but to follow my advice very carefully. You see, if I can go from beyond broke to a multimillionaire with all three strikes against me (high school dropout, not a genius, and no money), then you can too! The only difference between you and me is the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from my 40 plus years as a successful entrepreneur, international speaker, peak performance counselor, and personal development coach. That’s why I built this web site: to close that tiny gap between us and give you the keys to living your own dreams, your own life, on your terms.