The Law of Attraction does not work


I just had to tell you about a new book I co-authored with Anthony Hernandez.

You probably know about my teachings about letting go of what’s blocking your success and clearing emotional baggage to free yourself to attract what you want in life. I learned this lesson the hard way in my own life and have taught it to hundreds of thousands of people for well over thirty years.

Imagine my surprise when Anthony told me I was absolutely right about everything except for the attraction part. He told me that the principles I was teaching were right on but that nobody has ever or will ever attract or manifest anything into their lives. I knew that Anthony had spent years studying quantum physics and the brain (among other things) and was very interested to hear what he had to say.

The first words out of his mouth were a bombshell. He told me flat out that, “The Law of Attraction does not work… and I can prove it!” He then went on to tell me that I had been using the words “attraction” and “manifestation” in my teachings and mentioning the Law of Attraction, but that I had actually been talking about something different… something that he called the Law of Realization.

Self-help experts say that quantum physics proves the Law of Attraction real. Well, Anthony showed me the math that proves that yes, it is real… but that it simply does not work because trying to manifest or “attract” even something simple could take many trillions of years. I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t have that kind of time on my hands!

I was feeling more than a little confused until I learned that the same science that proves that the Law of Attraction does not work also points the way to a method anyone can use to achieve what they want in life. This was pretty exciting!

Anthony then took me on a tour of the human brain to show me how our built-in survival instincts keep people from having the life they want and how anyone can actually use those limitations to take success to a whole new level. Anyone can do it. In fact, everyone is already doing it whether they realize it or not. The trick is to become aware of what you are doing and to channel it in the direction you want.

Learning this was a shock to say the least.

As I absorbed all of this information, I started to feel a growing sense of excitement and discovery. I have always been a seeker of truth and this started to ring true.

You see, in that moment I knew that everything I teach about letting go is absolutely true, because of the results my students have been experiencing. I also realized that combining my teachings with the science Anthony showed me would finally expose exactly what holds people back and how they can finally break out of their old cycles into the lives they want and deserve. Understanding how our survival instincts work and how they limit us opens the door to using those same limitations to our advantage.

I have always known and taught that each of us is addicted to certain emotional patterns. Changing your life is as easy as changing the emotional patterns you are addicted to. Doing this is the key to getting the kind of success you want. This has nothing to do with “attracting” or “manifesting” anything. It has nothing to do with changing your beliefs or with trying to fool yourself into thinking that your past-due bills are actually checks. It has nothing to do with trying to believe that you already have what you want. It has everything to do with acknowledging exactly where you are and taking correct action to change.

Combining the science Anthony showed me with what I have been teaching is absolutely amazing. It is like that old candy commercial where two people bump into each other and exclaim, “You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!” and “You got your peanut butter on my chocolate!” only to discover that the combination is far better than the ingredients by themselves.

Right then and there, we both knew that this information is too good to keep to ourselves and that we had to write a book. Well, here it is: The Law of Realization.

We completed the manuscript and leaked it to a few people to gauge their response. They are going wild over this book. One person said it got him so pumped up that he had about 25 new ideas he’d never even considered before… and he hadn’t even finished reading. Some people are so excited that they have already called a team meeting to implement what they learned from this book… and you will too!

The Law of Realization explains why “attraction” does not work and how we trap ourselves in the same old ruts. We then show you a very simple method that does work. This method combines exactly what I have been saying for many years about letting go with the science I just mentioned to FINALLY expose just what's been blocking your success in every area of life, and how to finally liberate yourself to live the life you want and deserve.

You have NEVER read anything like this. It’s new and it’s VERY exciting. As I said, anyone can do it. You are already doing it whether you know it or not, but you may be using it to set yourself up to lose instead of win. In this book, Anthony and I show you how to channel it in the direction you want.

Forget traditional self-help books. Forget about trying to "manifest" or "attract" anything. I cannot stress enough that this book is completely different than anything else you have ever read. It is the one book that success seekers like you and me have been searching for all our lives.

Buy this book now. Read it carefully. Give it your utmost attention. I really believe it explains why you are not where you want to be in life and contains the information you need to get there.

This message is for absolutely EVERYONE. It does not matter whether you’re a corporate executive, small business owner, entrepreneur, author, stay-at-home mom or anyone who’s ever had a dream or idea, or a challenge to overcome… because The Law of Realization will work for you. It is already working for you,  we just show you how to make it work better.


The Law of Realization begins where every single book, movie, audio, and seminar about the Law of Attraction ends. This book takes everything you’ve ever read about self-improvement, the Law of Attraction, and business success and boils it down to a streamlined process that’s as easy as pie. (I’m not talking about the made from scratch crusts your Grandma used to make; I mean out-of-the-box, Pillsbury simple!).

The Law of Realization tells you step-by-step how to implement some simple principles and to achieve what you want in life. The days of wishing, hoping, visualizing or attracting things into existence that never happen are over.

Everyone can tell a similar story: You go to a program or read a book that seems to make sense at the moment. The problems begin when you walk away or quit reading because either you have no idea how to apply what you just learned or what you are applying simply does not and cannot work.

That is not the case with The Law of Realization. The answers are there in plain and simple language that is easy to understand and just as easy to apply.

Share The Law of Realization book with your friends and business associates and give them the recipe for success they’ve been craving!

7 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction does not work

  1. Realization means "now" in the moment. Attraction means "waiting", even though manifesting is an action, I would be curious to know the technique you are describing that has science at its core. I work with clients on letting go of obstacles, old patterns, et al. And I find for myself, that I will think a thought and put it out there and it happens fairly quickly. Anyways, you have perked my interest. 

    • Hi Tracy
      The Law of attraction does work but the chances of it working is billions to one. What happens when you make a decision to have something your view of the world changes and you begin the creation process by taking action toward what you want. If you connect the dots backward from anything you have now you’ll see what actions you took to get there. If the LOA really worked why couldn’t you just manifest a Big Mac(not that I would eat one) and a soda on the console in your car without ever stopping. What happens is as soon as you decide to have that Big Mac your awareness of your surroundings change and you begin to look for the golden arches. You don’t wonder if you could attract one from the Taco Bell. You know where you have to go to get it. Read my book The Law of Realization. You can get it on Amazon Prime I believe for free. It’s worth the read

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