So many dreams

John seemed embarrassed, his voice lowered, almost to a whisper as he spoke to his coach Rob.
He said, “Rob, I had so many goals going into this year that I wanted to accomplish. Months have passed and I’m so mad at myself. I haven’t done anything.”
There was a pause and a long silence on the telephone. It felt like forever. John then added, “I feel like just quitting.”
His coach gently snapped back, “Sure John, go ahead. Just quit. Throw away everything you desire and have hoped for all your life. How would that make you feel if you just quit…would you feel better?”
“Not good” John responded
Rob said, “So cut the crap, John. We’re in the 6th month of the year. The year
isn’t even close to being over. You have 10+ days left in this month. You could look backwards or look forwards, which way do you want to look?”
“Forward,” Replied John
“What are two things you want to accomplish in the next 30
days, John? Write them down.
John wrote them down and read them back to his coach.
“When will you be accountable for the 1st goal being done? Write it down”
“And the 2nd goal? Write it down.”
Now, said John, “What actions do you need to take to get going NOW?”
John kept writing then hesitantly said, “My procrastination and lack of focus have haunted me all year…in fact all my life. I’m scared it’s going to get the best of me, that’s why I can’t seem to get started.”
Rob jumped in, “Stop being scared and START doing something
about the problem.
“What do you mean,” asked John
“Take action!” Said Rob. “Action is the antidote for procrastination and fear. In fact it is the only cure. You are allowing lack of focus to rip cash right out of your hands. Is that what you want?”
Rob’s voice started to get stronger. He said, “Listen, you have 14
days left this month. You can make excuses or you can generate
EXCITEMENT in your life. YOU have to make the choice now.
Are you ready to go out there and kick some butt?”
John came back with an enthusiastic, “Yes! Yes! I will do it!”
Rob said, “Let’s DO IT then! Let’s get going!”
John said quickly and with excitement in his voice,
“I gotta go, Rob! I have calls to make, people to see and money to earn!”
You too have some days left this month, are you going to finish strong like John and get the momentum you desire with whatever days you have left?
The Bullet Train is leaving the station and you have a ticket. Will you take the ride of your life or watch it leave the station? Sure hope you take the ride.
Focus on the two goals you have and what YOU need to start doing and then start right NOW!”
If the mental gremlins of procrastination start haunting you, you MUST, not
listen….and you MUST take action NOW.
Feel the POWER of laser like FOCUS. Feel the energy starting to boil inside as you take that next step towards your goals and dreams.

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