Super achievers in network marketing may come from all walks of life but they all share certain traits. Achieving success in any network marketing business requires one to both learn these traits and cultivate them in others.

Jim draws upon over 35 years of in-the-field experience as he shows you step-by-step how to develop these traits and bring them out in others.


This two-day program teaches straightforward hands-on “how to work the business” strategies that work! It also instills a sense of clarity and purpose while offering tools for removing the “fear of talking to people” and other “blocks” that immobilize the new and the seasoned networkers alike. It will truly inspire you to take action, increase your income and effectiveness, and be the best you can be.

Program Content

This program covers the following topics:

If you’ve ever wanted a program that challenges you to grow your network marketing business beyond your wildest dreams and that leaves you with enough inspiration to last a lifetime… THIS IS IT!

Having worked with hundreds of networking companies and their distributors over the past 35 years I discovered not only what made them succeed, but just as importantly what made them fail.

I find that most people spend a great deal of their time “spinning their wheels,” focused upon what’s not working. They are literally pulled in two directions at the same time. Inspired by their goals and dreams of a brighter future and they move forward to make their business a success. And then, without a moments notice, they are pulled right back into their fears, worries, anxiety, etc. causing them to become ineffective and even leave the business.

As you know, distributors are the greatest asset to every company. Consider for a moment the people in your organization. Are there any of them who could be more productive? Would you like to have more self-sustaining field leaders? Is your retention and success rate as high as you would like?

Your distributor network represents unlimited potential. This tremendous resource can be mobilized to greater levels of achievement at any time. My training can be customized to support your team or your company’s individual requirements.

Jim will individually guide your distributors to by…

First, helping each to discover and eliminate the underlying fears and blocks (beliefs) that restrict them from performing at their full potential.

Second, by giving them a complete set of field proven, network marketing skill sets that will ignite inspiration, leaving them with a newly acquired sense of direction and confidence leading to increased productivity.

Third, he will work with your field leaders to duplicate the process, thereby building depth and sustainable growth within your organization.

If you are interested in hosting a “Cracking the Network Marketing Code” Seminar for your organization, please contact the offices of Jim Britt today.