Do you ever yourself experiencing any of the following feelings and emotions?

We all do. In fact, for most people, about 90% of their time and energy is spent dealing with this kind of non-productive feelings and emotions.

Take a quick inventory of how you spend your day.

If you’re like most people, you’ll be absolutely astounded at how much time you spend on feelings, emotions and behaviors that don’t move you in the direction you want to go.

Cracking the Life Code – The Power of Letting Go program will start you on a powerful emotional journey of self-discovery and personal change that will touch every area of your life. You’ll discover the hidden causes of what’s blocking you from experiencing the level of success and happiness that you want and deserve.

You’ll learn to master the “letting go” process and discover how simple it can be to erase non-productive programming, remove success blocks, and have the tools for reaching your full potential.

You’ll receive the answers for making your career more successful, your relationships more fulfilling, your family life more harmonious, your health more vibrant, your financial status more abundant, and more! You will discover the incredible rewards and miracles that life can hold for you. If you’ve ever wanted a program that delivers… THIS IS IT!

Program Content

Jim personally guides you step-by-step through a powerful transformation that will touch every area of your life. Together, you and Jim will discover the causes (rather than the effects) behind your struggles and tribulations. You will learn how to:

Join Jim and a select group of individuals for two days and discover a new certainty about your exciting future. You’ll gain a newly acquired sense of clarity, direction, self-worth, and enduring confidence based on inner strength that will truly make a difference in your life and in the lives of those around you.

You’ll return home with your “luggage,” but you’ll certainly leave behind a lot of “baggage.”

Jim Britt, through his various entrepreneurial ventures and working as a peak performance counselor to tens of thousands of individuals and thousands of audiences he has become known as one of the most widely respected people in the field of self-empowerment through a process he calls “letting go.”. He became a well-known author with his bestselling books “Rings of Truth” and “Unleashing Your Authentic Power.” His deeply profound and practical insights transcend the common motivational and inspirational approach to personal transformation.

Jim is one of the most influential teachers of our time. For the past twenty-five years, he has reached tens of thousandss of people throughout the world with positive messages about letting go and the search for meaning in our lives. As a best-selling author and highly sought after speaker and workshop leader, Jim has been a pioneer in the field of personal transformation as one of the first people to popularize the idea of self-empowerment in the early 1970′s.

If you are interested in hosting a “Cracking the Life Code” Seminar for your organization, please contact the offices of Jim Britt today.