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Do This Get Rich - For Network Marketers (Paperback)
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Do This Get Rich – For Network Marketers – 300 page book

Jim makes a very simple promise: If you do what he says in his book, you will get rich in network marketing. This is not a promise he makes lightly. This 330-page paperback book has zero fluff.

Network marketing is the fastest path to financial freedom known today. There just isn’t any better way for the average person to gain financial independence. Jim has been involved in network marketing for over 35 years. He made millions of dollars and has trained hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom also became millionaires. This book was written from the ground up specifically for network marketers and contains Jim’s decades of profitable industry experience.

Here’s some of what you’ll get from this book:

  • You’ll build a “success mindset” where failure is not an option…
  • You’ll know exactly what to say and how to say it to prospects…
  • You’ll learn the same six Daily POWER actions that helped me go from broke to millionaire in less than 2 years…
  • You’ll have a precise plan that, when executed consistently, will bring you thousands every single month…
  • You’ll instantly put prospects in the right frame of mind with my two magic questions
  • Jim will show you how to grow your team FAST by hand-picking leaders and setting them loose to make you, and them, tons of $$$…
  • And you’ll watch your income double… triple… quadruple in months by using my time-tested strategies!

Network marketing is the finest and fastest path to financial freedom known today. To succeed, all you need is a philosophy and the correct mindset… the same philosophy and mindset that changed Jim’s life.

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