Cracking the Life Code
Unleashing Your Authentic Power (Paperback)
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Unleashing Your Authentic Power
300 page paperback book $19

In this powerful how-to book, you’ll discover how to create a new approach to happiness. How to let go of emotional baggage, unravel dis-empowering beliefs, perform at a level of high action and low attachment.

You’ll find simple, yet powerful methods that will allow you to live and exist in an ongoing state of calm, happiness and self-love. You’ll be able to move away from a painful past, release anxiety in the present and live life toward a future ripe with possibilities.

Dear Jim,

I just finished your book and I just wanted you to know that I thought it was terrific! Being a speaker and trainer myself, I have read hundreds of self-help books over the past fifteen years. I found yours to be the best. It is by far the most impacting. I’m giving it as a Christmas gift to many of my friends, as well as telling everyone in my seminars about it.

Barry Spilchuck, co-author Chicken Soup For The Soul Series

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