Cracking the Network Marketing Code

Jim Britt LIVE! (8 CD Set)
Spend a day with Jim Britt... without leaving the comfort of home! If you've ever wanted to attend one of Jim Britt's daylong network marketing training seminars (or if you have attended and want to take the presentation home with you) then this program is for you. (Details)

Prospecting (2 CD Album)
This very special prospecting course holds the secret to truly unleashing the power that drives your business…PROSPECTING! (Details)

The Power of Six (CD Album)
In network marketing there are six simple daily business building action that make your business unstoppable. (Details)

Do This Get Rich - For Network Marketers (Paperback)
Jim makes a very simple promise: If you do what he says in his book, you will get rich in network marketing. This is not a promise he makes lightly. This 330-page paperback book has zero fluff. (Details)

Cracking the Network Marketing Code (10 CD Set)
Learning to be successful in network marketing is no different than learning any other skill. There are certain things that work and others that do not. As in all professions a successful role model presents a shortcut to your success. Jim will guide you every step of the way providing you everything you will ever need to know to be a super achiever in network marketing (Details)

About Cracking the Network Marketing Code



With over 35 years of experience, Jim Britt reveals his strategies for increasing your effectiveness. Jim  has trained hundreds of thousands of network marketers with stellar results. He is credited with creating dozens of millionaires and tens of thousands of top producers. He’s been a consultant and trainer to more than 300 networking companies as well as having been a very successful distributor. His fresh dynamic approach offers powerful ideas, insights and strategies that will guide you and your associates toward achieving your most ambitious goals! Jim is Author of numerous books, including “Do This. Get Rich-For Network Marketers.”