How much space do you take up in the world?


This is a very powerful idea. At least I think so.


The first time I heard this point being made,

I thought it was a very interesting way to look

at the results you produce.


First, in my opinion the fastest way to fail is to

live selfishly. Selfish entrepreneurs have SMALL



Real success is about service. It really is.


How many people have you served today? Yesterday?

Last week?


The value that you have, that you don’t share, really doesn’t exist.
(Read this again)


I didn’t make this up. For thousands of years, smart people have
been trying to tell us this but few really listen.


Let’s get to the powerful point that I mentioned above.




How much SPACE do you take up in the world?


I’ll ask it again.


How much SPACE do you take up in the world?


Here’s what I mean.


Whether a person occupies the position of employer,

Employee or business owner the space he or she

occupies in the world is measured precisely by the

quality and the quantity of the service rendered.


That’s powerful when you think about it.


So, how much space will you take up in the world today?

How much space do you desire to take up 12 months

from today?


Stop rushing. Stop expecting riches by Friday.

Change your mind instead. Change your focus.


Yes, change your mind. Serve. Share. Profit. (Repeat.)


Take up more space.


Think about giving and getting will follow.


Stop for a moment right now and think of someone

that you admire for what they do. Whether it’s

someone like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Steven

Spielberg…look at the amount of space they occupy.

Look at the value they bring to others.


YOUR best days are ahead of you. They really are.

If you make each day just 1% better than yesterday

by the end of one year you will occupy 365% more

space…plus compounded %…whatever that is…don’t

want to waste my space trying to figure that one out.


How much space will you occupy today?


You’re The Best!


Jim Britt

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